Private and Secure Made Simple.

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The future of data privacy and security - today.

Looking for a digital vault that you can really trust to protect your valuable data? Stash has got your back…

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Hide or confide – it’s up to you.

You can give another member access to specific files in your Stash. Put what you want to share into a folder and give your permission to view. What's important is that the control is in your hands.

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Intuitive, user-friendly, and simple to use.

Stash is the kind of super-secure digital storage system you would design for yourself... if you had a degree from MIT, and a hacker’s obsession with security …

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One place to store it all.

Passwords get lost. Important papers get tossed. Hard drives crash. And what happens when you’re here... and the documents you need are there? You’re toast…

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How much is peace of mind worth?

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