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The future of data privacy and security - today.

Stash is a game-changer. Encryption is only the beginning. Unique, proprietary security protocols and procedures make your valuable data and keepsakes safe from the inside out. It's called 'data-centric' protection. It's the future of data storage, and Stash has it NOW.  –  Nobody sees your Stash unless you say so.

We’ll lock up after you leave.

Need to leave your computer on? No worries. Stash automatically logs you out after a period of inactivity so no one can slip into your Stash.

No browser footprint.

When you quit, Stash slams shut. Your password and cookies are instantly erased from the browser and access device until the next time you visit.3 It’s your secret... and Stash will keep it that way.

No software to buy and download. No dangerous gateway.

Many storage solutions use software that lives on your computer, laptop, and smartphone, leaving you open to the possibility of intrusion. Want your information to be safe, secure and completely invisible? Get your private safe haven at Stash and drop your stuff in.

Need double double protection protection?

Are you the kind of person who locks their car inside a locked garage? Don’t be embarrassed, lots of people do. If you are, you can feel confident that this is the best place to store your most sensitive information. Houdini himself would be proud. 


Hide or confide – it’s up to you.

If you want, you can give another member access to specific files in your Stash. For example, give your accountant access to your tax records, or your executor access to your will. It's simple. Put what you want to share into a folder and give your permission to view. What’s important is that the control is in your hands.1

Come and go anonymously.

Stash is super-discreet. Enter whenever you want ... from wherever you are. No one will ever know. Including us.


How much is peace of mind worth?

A completely safe haven shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. At Stash, it doesn’t. We offer security, convenience, dependability, and peace of mind. That’s priceless.

Need more room?

There’s no limit to the amount of stuff you can Stash. The storage meter at the top of your account page tells you how much space you’re using. If you need more, no problem – just add it on the fly.

Updates a la mode.

Some companies use updates as a way to maintain a personal relationship with your credit card. Not us. You’ll get the most advanced technology as soon as it’s available, hassle-free, for free.


Intuitive, user-friendly, and simple to use.

Stash is the kind of super-secure digital storage system you would design for yourself... if you had a degree from MIT, a hacker’s obsession with security, and a genius for making it so intuitive that anyone can navigate it with ease. Just sign in and head to your Stash. Simplicity rules! 

Drag & drop, upload, download. You know, the usual.

Setting up and using your Stash is simple and familiar. The file system is similar to the ones you’re used to using every day. It’s so easy that it’s almost like someone else is doing the work for you.

One size fits all.

Enjoy secure, private access anytime, anywhere from any device, browser, or computer platform2. Stash is ready where and when you are.


One place to store it all.

Passwords get lost. Important papers get tossed. Hard drives crash. And what happens when you’re here, and the documents you need are there? You’re toast. With Stash, everything you need - from passwords, user names and account numbers to financial statements, medical records and legal documents - are all at your fingertips, 24/7. Bye-bye paper trail!

Leave your papers to history.

Dump your flash drives. Forget your file cabinet. Say good-bye to the old way of saving, storing, and misplacing. Instead, just stash it – Stash will keep everything safe, secure and instantly accessible. What could be more convenient?

Preserve those old photos.

Got truckloads of old photos scattered on hard drives, flash drives, thumb drives, or digital phones? How about the ones you’ve got stuffed in shoe boxes under the bed that have begun to fade and yellow? When you upload them to Stash, they’re protected from further erosion and preserved for future generations to enjoy. An easy way to keep memory lane clean and uncluttered.

Try it for FREE and see.

Try Stash absolutely free for 30 days. If you’re not completely satisfied, let us know and we’ll close your stash and securely erase your files with no questions asked. It’s part of our 100% iron-clad satisfaction guarantee. Of course we believe that once you try Stash you’ll wonder how you managed to live without it. The good news is that, from now on, you won’t have to. As Bogart said to Bergman, “This could be the start of a beautiful friendship.”

  • You create & control files that are either locked or can be shared with another Stash member.
  • Any device that can access the Internet with Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome browsers.
  • Cookies are deleted at log-out & browser caching of protected information is prevented. For total invisibility, disable browser cookies before log-in.

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