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DigitalConfetti™ is an unstructured composition of data (of any kind).  STASH encrypts your files using AES 256 bit technology and then slices your data into smaller pieces before sending multiple duplicate copies to a number of different datacentres (that will also segment the encrypted file pieces within their own facilities).


There are at minimum, 3 accessible copies of your data at any given time, stored with different cloud storage providers or other locations.  If the primary location becomes unavailable, STASH will automatically retrieve one of the other accessible copies from a different cloud storage provider or location.  Storage of any number of copies may be available for extra charge – speak to your account representative for details.

This is a proprietary secure data management system, not an out-of-the-box solution. It's as if your data is on another planet that no one else knows is there. We utilize the most state-of-the-art physical and virtual methods and technology in existence.  Even if someone has access to the storage locations, all they will see is DigitalConfetti™, small pieces of encrypted files.  An attacker would have to find all the pieces, reassemble them in order, and then break the encryption on the file to get access to your data. This is as secure as can be.

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Step-by-Step Instructions:

    To upload a file:
  1. Login to your Stash
  2. Click "Upload" and select a file to upload to your Stash
  3. Stash will securely encrypt and slice your file before storing it
  4. Relax - you're data is safe!

    To download a file:
  1. Login to your Stash
  2. Double click the file you want to download and select "Download"
  3. Stash will glue your file back together and send it back to you