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Data Theft isn’t an IF. It’s a WHEN.

When it happens, you are in for 100s of frustrating hours and thousands of dollars in an attempt to repair the damage and get your life back. Often, it isn’t possible to completely eliminate the negative effects. Ever.


What’s life like after your data is stolen?

Everyday things like getting a credit card, filing your taxes, getting a car loan, copies of your medical records, a mortgage, a plane ticket, a passport or birth certificate are never again a ‘given’. In fact, even if you can prove you are YOU, having been a victim makes you a victim over and over again –lower credit scores, higher interest rates, larger minimum payments on mortgages, rent, car loans, insurance, and other big-ticket items. You are now considered a risk. No matter how flawless a good citizen you were beforehand.


STASH was designed to put an end to this terrible predicament.

As experts who build data security and privacy systems that protect the most sensitive and valuable information all over the world, we finally said ‘enough is enough’. We were tired of watching people trying to live good lives only to be foiled by data theft. So we decided to help.


STASH was built to protect your data in a very different way.

Other data security methods build a wall around your data in an attempt to keep hackers out. Although this is a smart thing to do, it doesn’t complete the data security puzzle. Why not?
Because professional hackers can easily break through that wall like breaking through the shell of an egg.


How does STASH solve this problem?

With something called Datacentric Security. We protect the data itself, at the data byte level.


What does that mean?

With Datacentric Security, when hackers break through the wall, all they will find are pieces of unrecognizable digital data. The icing on the cake? It cannot be pieced back into useable data sets by hackers, either.


The result?

There is nothing to steal. Data thieves leave empty handed. Your data is untouched. Safe and secure.


It’s simple. (The video will show you how)

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Customize your vault with the folders and smart folders you need. Upload or drag & drop your valuable documents, photos, music, reports – all the things that are most important to you.

You and ONLY you have the option of sharing from your closed environment. The permissions are controlled at the folder level. Share the contents of any folder with anyone or no one. Permission can be granted or revoked at any time.

There is no STASH portal sitting on your computer. No digital gateway between you and your vault.

When you sign out of STASH, your digital footprint is erased. No one can follow you or knows you were here.


Give yourself the gift of peace of mind.

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Your privacy and security mean EVERYTHING to us.

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