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Signing Up for Stash

Here's how to sign up for Stash, create your account, and signup for multi-factor authentication through CryptoPhoto.


+ Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Fill out the registration form HERE
  2. Click Try Now
  3. Check your email and click the account verification link from Stash
  4. Enter your password to log into your Stash
  5. Download the CryptoPhoto application on your smart phone or mobile device Click Here for Help
  6. The next time you login, you'll be prompted to choose a method to receive your CryptoPhoto token on your device
  7. Once you have your token, you'll get an alert in CryptoPhoto on your mobile device
  8. On your device, tap the same picture shown in your browser
  9. You're In!

Quick Start with Your Vault

Here's how to upload and download files in your Vault


+ Step-by-Step Instructions:

    To upload a file:
  1. Login to your Stash
  2. Click "Upload" and select a file to upload to your Stash
  3. Stash will securely encrypt and slice your file before storing it
  4. Relax - you're data is safe!

    To download a file:
  1. Login to your Stash
  2. Double click the file you want to download and select "Download"
  3. Stash will glue your file back together and send it back to you

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