Multi-Factor Authentication with CryptoPhoto

STASH uses CryptoPhoto to make sure you are who you say you are.
Follow these simple steps to help protect your data.

Step 1 - Install the CryptoPhoto App on your Mobile Device


Apple IOS

Scan This


Click Here


Search the Play store for CryptoPhoto

Scan This


Click Here


Search the iTunes store for CryptoPhoto

Step 2 - Get a Token and Enroll your Device

A) When you login for the first time, you'll be asked to get a token.

     If that doesn't work, click Here to get a token

B) In the CryptoPhoto app, touch "Add new token"

C) In the browser, click "QR Code" to get your token by scanning a QR code

D) Using the CryptoPhoto app, scan the QR code in the browser window

E) Your token will download, and your device will be enrolled automatically

Step 3 - Login to STASH

A) Login to STASH with your username and password

B) If you have enrolled a device successfully, you'll see the CryptoPhoto verification page with a picture on it

C) You'll get a notification in the CryptoPhoto app on your enrolled mobile device, tap the picture that matches the one in your browser

D) You're In!

Need More Help with CryptoPhoto? Check Out CryptoPhoto's Website

Go ahead - the link opens in a new window - come back when you're done!


I'm not getting prompted by CryptoPhoto on my mobile device to select a picture - how do I login?

Check the dropdown box above the picture in the browser - make sure you have the right token selected for your device. If you have mutliple devices (and therefore, multiple tokens) for your account, select the token that matches the one on your device. You can make sure you have the right token selected by comparing the number in the dropdown box to the number on your token on your mobile device.

I've lost my device which had my token on it - what do I do?

A) Log into Stash, and when prompted for CryptoPhoto verification, use the backup token that was emailed to you when you created your account
B) Install CryptoPhoto on a new device
C) Go to your account settings, click "Two-Factor Authentication Settings"
D) Delete the mobile token for the device you lost - CAUTION - do not delete your backup token
E) Start CryptoPhoto on your device, click "Add new token"
F) Scan the QR code on your account settings page with the CryptoPhoto app
G) You can now use this new token to login to Stash

I've tried everything - and it still doesn't work - what do I do?

Get in Contact with us and let us know what's going on - we'll help get you back on track