What our customers are saying

You can’t be too anonymous these days. I like it that nobody can follow my Internet footsteps when I work with Stash. When I sign off, I disappear. Perfect.
Anne T
Greenwich, CT
I was spending a ridiculous amount of time trying to figure out where I had stored all my different kinds of data. Pictures, music, movies and just 'stuff' I never want to lose. Stash cleaned it all up. Relief at such a small price.
Michael D
Nantucket, MA
You’re in the ER in some small ski town out in the woods with a broken leg and no access to your medical papers. With Stash, it’s log-on, download and you’re done.
Paul S
Redding CT
It’s certainly not something I really want to think about, but the idea of putting a copy of my Will in a remote storage facility and then giving my lawyer or my Executor access, is a really smart thing to do and takes a lot of worry away.
Elaine S
Prescott AZ
I used to have important papers, legal documents, tax returns, and medical records scattered in offices all over town. But now they’re all stashed in one place that I can access anytime I need them.
Maryellyn H
Cincinnati OH
I was going through a bunch of old photos I found recently stored in shoeboxes in the basement. Many of them, especially the Polaroids, have begun to discolor and fade. They contain memories that don’t exist anywhere else and can’t be replaced. The idea of scanning them and uploading them to a remote, secure storage facility easily solves all my problems. Thanks, Stash.
Nina S
Eastham, MA
I travel a lot. Knowing that no matter where in the world I am, I can get to my most important data and keepsakes, gives me peace of mind. Hello Stash. Thank you!
Liz S
Los Angeles CA
I’m no computer geek... and now that my techie son is off to college, I’m totally on my own. That’s what I love about Stash – so simple, even I can use it.
Dean H
Maplewood, NJ
I’m the kind of person who’s always turning back to see if I unplugged the coffee pot. But with Stash, no worries – I’m automatically logged off when I quit. Makes me feel a lot more secure knowing Stash is always watching out for me.
Carol OD
Newport RI
Passwords, usernames, stupid access codes – I can never remember any of them when I need them. But with Stash, no worries. One password is all I need to do what I’ve got to do. Thanks Stash!
Jim J
Atlanta, GA
I must have a million photos on a bunch of hard drives, phones, and some laptops I don’t even use. I would give anything to have one place where I could dump everything, then sort it out when I get time.
Bob P
New York, NY
I’m pretty paranoid about identity theft, so knowing that Stash protects my stuff by protecting the actual data is paramount to me. Stash let's me be anonymous and gives me the confidence I need to know that hackers will walk away with nothing if Stash is hacked.
George P
South Hampton, NY